10 Beautiful Beaches In India

October 30,2019

10 Beautiful Beaches in India

India is fortunate to have a beautiful coastline that which has some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches will never lose its special touch. The rolling waves and the soft sand touch make you forget about all of your worries instantly and enjoy its beauty.

Beaches are incredibly beautiful places that can offer everything from solitude to parties.Here are some of the best beach destinations that will leave you in amaze with the nature beauty

1. Goa Beach

Goa is the smallest of all the states of India with nature beauties all around. There is no surprise that people choose Goa for their beach holiday asit offers a variety of beaches. It is a place where people can be seen parasailing, swimming, sunbathingor relaxing in their hammocks with cold beer in their hands. The delicious food, little Villages, Musical nights, amazing parties make your holiday amazing.

The beaches of Goa cover about 125 Kilometers of its coastline which are divided into North and South Goa.

There are more than 15 beaches in Goa where you can enjoy to the fullest. Some of them are

Calangute Beach: Calangute is a town in North Goa which is famous for its largest beach in North Goa. People flock this place in end of the year to welcome the New year.

Vagator Beach: It is known for its late night parties and weekend markets held by germans. It is famous for its Open air clubs.

Colva Beach: Colva Beach, is located in a beautiful village named Salcete in South Goa. It is famous for its Portugal Significance with a number of historical buildings, delicious food, pubs and bars.

Palolem Beach:It is located in Canacona Southern Goa. It is known for its beautiful curve shape which allows to view both the ends from the center of the beach.

Baga Beach: It is located in North Goa. This beach is famous for water sports like parasailing, dolphin rides, Scuba diving and also for the Ayurvedic spa.

Best Time to visit: November to March

2. Marari Beach, Kerala

Marariis originated from ‘Mararikulum’ which is a local fishing village on Arabian Sea coast. Marari Beach is one of the finest beaches in India with nice view of coconut trees in the backdrop and clean golden sands. One should not miss the Marari Beach resorts which are extremely adorable.

Marari is peaceful place to chill out and relax on the sandy beaches. There are different sightseeing places where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. You can also enjoy snake boat races in the month of August. Parasailing, sea surfing, deep sea fishing and water skiing are the water sport activities you can enjoy at Marari Beach.

Best Time to visit: June to August

3. Kala Pathar Beach, Havelock Island

The beach lies next to the village of Kala Pathar. Hence the beach derives its name from it. Kala Pathar Beach is one of best places in Havelock Island, Andaman. The ride to this place gives you freshness of air with all green trees and blue sea. Though Kala Pathar beach is the smallest one, it has all the beauty in it. This amazing beach has turquoise blue water and silver sands.

Stunning scenic beauty of the beach makes you feel amaze. You can spend a great time at the beach with you loved ones. Walking on the soft sand and witnessing the landscapes of the Kala Pathar is another relaxation activity. The black rocks that lie along the beaches make a positivedifference with the silver sand. Thick forests surround the beach from all sides.Relaxing in the hammock and looking at the stunning beach views is a great amusing activity. Whenever you visit the Radhanagar Beach, just move forward a few kilometres and you will reach the Kala Pathar beach which gives you an amazing experience.

Best Time to visit: October to May

4. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is situated on the coast of Karwar, which is a small town in Karnataka. It ismostly known for its temples and beaches. Gokarna can be different for different people. Every year hundreds of people visit Gokarna in search of sacredness and deliverance on one hand and relaxation on the other. The life is completely different from out-to-town beach and in town. Palm clad beaches are spotted with overseastravelers in a majority and very few Indians are seen crossways. Gokarna is not very conventionally touristy, the beaches are meant for a relaxed holiday. Full of palm and coconut trees, the ocean and clean sands, it is one of kind places in the country.

Banana boat rides, Night stroll, Beach Camping, Candle light dinner, Flea market shopping, Beach sports, Tree Houses, Visit Mirjan Fort, Food Tours and Long drives are the best things to do if you visit Gokarna.

Best Time to visit: June to August

5. Ganapatipule, Maharastra

Ganapatipule is located in Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharastra. It is one of the best places to visit in Maharastra. Apart from the beautiful beaches this place is famous for Lord Ganesha Temple which is 400 years old. It is said that the idol is a self-created about 1600 years ago. It is one of the Ashta Ganapati Temples of India and is known as 'PaschimDwarDevata'.The Temple is unique because it is one of the few temples in the country in which the deity faces west. The white sand beaches add beauty to this place. The mesmerizing sunrise and sun sets will blow your mind. Ganapatipule offers water sports every year in the months of Novemeber and May

Best Time to visit: October to March & May

6. Pondicherry

Beaches of Pondicherry make for the most magnificent feature of the coastal town of Pondicherry for all the tourists. With its untouchedseashore and the beauty of golden sands and sparkling waters and the best beaches of Pondicherry draws flocks of tourists. To the one who are looking for a lazy weekend these beaches have something for everyone when you are vacationing in Pondicherry.

Some beautiful beaches of Pondicherry are

Auroville Beach: Auroville beach has a splendid sunrise and it is an ideal place for swimming and surfing. Photography lover can capture amazing snaps at this place. It is located at a distance of 12 Km from the town.

Paradise Beach: With a crystal clear water and shiny sands this beach attracts the tourists. You can see people here playing games in sand and doing some amazing beach activities. It is just 2 kilometres away from Chunnambar Boat House.

Rock Beach: One of the best beaches in Pondicherry is Rock beach which is a exact gateway to lose yourself in the beauty of the nature. It is located in the midpoint of the city. The best activity you can do is take the pleasure of watching the sunrise and sunset.

Best Time to visit: March to June

7. Visakhapatnam

Vizag beaches are the ideal places for the people who are seeking Vitamin Sea. A pretty coastline, Shiny blue-turquoise waters, and the endlessvanishing point dotted with a ships here and there enhance the beauty of Visakhapatnam as a beach. Whether you are prepare to have activity filled fun or looking for some relaxedflashes you can always find your flawless spot among the beaches in Vizag.

Some of the best beaches of Visakhapatnam are

Rushikonda Beach: Rushikonda Beach tops the list of most fantastic beaches of Visakhapatnam. It is just 16 Km away from the city. This places offers you water sports of wide range which includes wind surfing, speed boating, Scuba diving, sea kayaking and jet skiing. It is known for the delicious food at the seashore restaurants. This beach offers a day filled with fun activity and peaceful evenings as well. The beach turns even more beautiful at the time of Holi.

Yarada Beach: A stunning location named after a village near by it is Yarada Beach which is surrounded by hills all the three sides. It is a place for relishing beauty of the golden sands and the tides of the beach.

RamaKrishna Beach:: The beach originates its name from the Ramakrishna Mission ashram situated crossways the Beach Road. It is aoutstandingbounce along the Bay of Bengal coastline, something you should not miss while visiting Vizag.
The Kursura Submarine Museum, which is the first of its kind in South Asia is a prime attraction surrounding this beach and Victory at sea war dedicatory that positions right on the Beach Road and remembers the memory of the Indian Navy and Eastern Naval Command sailors who lost their lives in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.

Best Time to visit: March to June

8. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is located at a distance of 58km from the Chennai city.The beach lies on the shoreline of Bay of Bengal and includes of some rock-cut sculptures. It is known for caves, hugerathas, chariots and temples which offer a great spot for outing. Folks from near and far flock to the beach particularly to relish the natural basking offered by the beach. The beach lovers are destined to have an astonishingtime on the coasts of the beach.

The beach also has stimulating places to offer with a crocodile bank with about 5000 crocodiles belonging to 6 different species.Apart from this, a dance festival is organized by the Department of Tourism of the Government of Tamil Nadu every year.

Best Time to visit: October to March

9. Puri

It is located on the coastline of Odisha (Orissa), Puri Beach is one of the delightfuljourney's end for holidaying where sun kissed beaches.. The beach offers its wild sea waves and appreciate water activities. Puri beach is a delightful place to view dreamy sunrises and sunsets. Beach lovers awfully relish holidaying here as this beach will make you feel as if you are in daydream

Best Time to visit: April to June & December to February

10. Agatti Island

Agatti Island is located on coral atoll called Agatti atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. This is one of the Lakshadweep unlocks for tourism. Visitors have some limitations to enter the Island. There are only two resorts in Agatti. Agatti Island includes a road runs over it which can be lovedby bicycling on a hired one. This Island has stunning marine life and crystal clear water.

Tourist come here for scuba diving and also enjoy different water sports. Agatti attracts the visitors with Golden Jubilee Museum and Mohiudd in Mosque with are few distant from agatti. There are few more beautiful sightseeing places which are really stunning.

Best Time to visit: November to February

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